Beverly Hills natives, Ruby and Stella are the sister duo and fine jewelry designers of RUBY STELLA. Daughters to a seasoned professional jeweler with over 45 years in the jewelry business, the sisters have an innate passion and gift for design. RUBY STELLA launched in 2013, aimed at women , like them, who are looking for fine jewelry pieces that characterize the conquering woman.

RUBY STELLA’s distinct jewelry pieces are as bold as costume jewelry with the value and allure of fine jewelry. The duo is firm in their beliefs that quality should not be compromised by modern designs. With that said, RUBY STELLA strictly enforces the use of 14k solid gold, glistening white diamonds, and quality craftsmanship throughout the jewelry collection.

A woman's jewelry should complement her way of life. Fashion is about personality and style; fine jewelry should be the same. RUBY STELLA balances the cliché of fine jewelry being ostentatious and dated. The sisters’ designs reflect the modern woman's outspoken character and capture her incessant class. Their uniquely aesthetic collection fuses the world of contemporary fashion and fine jewelry. Designers, Ruby and Stella are positioned with the expertise necessary to solidify their fine jewelry brand and grateful for the opportunity to evolve their family legacy in the jewelry industry.